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We're all about working with leaders to find solutions for themselves and their organisations.

SOS Consulting comprises Clint Evans as the principal consultant, working alongside professional organisations and individual experts to bring the right skills, experience and talent to bear for each specific situation. We can orchestrate teams comprising strategy consultants, brand experts, change directors, facilitators, educators, project and programme managers, and all sorts of other experts. 

We're well connected and should be able to support you and your business

or put you in touch with someone who can. 


Typically addressing organisational or personal leaderships challenges, we use a range of proven techniques and approaches to get to the heart of and resolve the issue or problem and help address it. 

Our sector strengths are in professional services and similar knowledge based businesses, but we have worked with individuals and teams across many sectors, including retail, sport, arts, voluntary

Solutions for


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Leaders typically have to balance emerging or unplanned issues requiring their attention with their planned agenda of optimising the business of today. 

We can assist with both getting the right balance and helping leaders retain focus on business performance.

Leading Today's Business


Although it is not clear cut, the business of tomorrow is shaped either incrementally (goring organically or inorganically), or through quantum change. 

Shaping Tomorrow's Business

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