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We help leaders in ways that suit their situation and budget. That could be as a sounding board or guide for leaders to get a sense check on thoughts and issues or more formally.

Typically addressing organisational or personal leadership challenges, we use a range of proven techniques and approaches to get to the heart of and resolve the issue or problem and help address it. 

Our sector strengths are in professional services and similar knowledge based businesses, but we have worked with individuals and teams across many sectors, including retail, sport, arts, voluntary.

Our Consultancy


Taking stock of the situation and issue, typically through research and investigation.


Reporting to leaders or the management team on the issue and implications.


Possible steps to resolution, with costed options where appropriate.


Hands on assistance e.g. directing teams, programmes or initiatives, running courses, facilitating change, interim leadership and management, mentoring, coaching.

Our delivered services are specific to each organisation, leader and the ambitions, issues, challenges and problems they face. Or course, some approaches will be common to many problems so take the above as illustrative of the ways we work. 

Also look at Example Projects for case studies for completed or current work.  

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